Lighweight pyramid tarp tent

Tarpstar 2 offers unbeatable inner space, with very low weight and pack size

By Kenny Stocker

Find out how a pyramid tarp tent provides greater liveable space at a lighter weight and pack size than a standard tent for hillwalkers and bike packers

The Tarpstar 2 is a lightweight pyramid tarp tent with a mesh inner. Pyramid tents are known to hillwalkers for their weather resistance relative to its weight. Tarpstar pitches with a single pole at the centre, requiring either a foldable carbon pole or a trekking pole such as our own Carbonlong Backpacker.

They say

Tarpstar 2 was reviewed by Alex Roddie for TGO Magazine. In the review Alex details how the Tarpstar 2's lightweight flysheet can be pitched alone, offering vast interior space.

This tent’s strengths are unbeatable inner space, very low weight and pack size. It would be ideal for backpacking in sheltered valley sites if you know you’ll never need to cook inside your tent.

Alex liked the robust bathtub groundsheet of the mesh inner, but would have liked to see greater porch space when using the inner. Alex also noticed a consequence of maximising the inner space is that the inner sits closer to the outer.

Alex notes that the Tarpstar 2 excels in providing unmatched inner space and portability, making it an excellent choice for backpacking in sheltered areas.

We say

The Tarpstar 2 offers great value for backpackers and bikepackers looking to exploit the lightweight and space-giving advantages of tarp-like camping with the reassurance, security and all-round protection of a free standing tent.

Having originally prototyped the Tarpstar with catenary curves, we opted for a straight lines to provide greater ground level protection for UK conditions.

We now also offer the option of a smaller inner tent for campers wishing to benefit from greater porch space to stash wet kit.

Read the full review by Alex Roddie on The Great Outdoors Magazine.

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