Tunnel tent wildcamping in the mountains

Two-person tunnel tent made for backpacking or bikepacking

By Kenny Stocker

Discover the Alpkit Viso 2, a two-person tent that offers ample space and durability for backpacking or bikepacking. Learn why it's a top choice for adventurers seeking value and performance.

The Viso 2 tunnel tent stands out as an exceptional choice for those in search of a great value lightweight backpacking tent without compromising on quality.

In this review for TGO Alex Roddie highlights the Viso 2 as:

The Viso 2, is a two-person design made for backpacking or bikepacking. With plenty of room for cooking, storing kit or simply sheltering from the elements.

The Viso 2 weighs in at a tad over 3 kg and features a 68D 190T Polyester honeycomb ripstop PU flysheet, a 190T breathable polyester inner, and a durable 70D 190T polyester PU groundsheet, supported by high quality 7001-T6 alloy poles. The interior dimensions provide a comfortable living space with a width of 95cm, height of 110cm, and length of 214cm, alongside one door and a spacious porch for additional storage or cooking space.

TGO says this tent’s design focuses on practicality and resilience, evidenced by its three-pole tunnel structure that ensures stability in strong winds, especially when pitched with the narrow end facing into the wind.

Its outer pitched first design is particularly beneficial in wet weather, allowing the inner tent to remain dry during setup and pack down. Furthermore, the Viso 2 offers versatility as it can be used as a basic shelter without the inner tent, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor adventures.

Alex also highlights Viso 2’s inclusion of a large porch with a groundsheet, providing extra dry space for equipment or for sheltering from the elements.

This design choice underscores our commitment to creating practical, liveable spaces that meets the needs of the outdoor camper at an amazing price point.

It was also nice of Alex to remind TGO readers we happened to be chosen as Brand of the Year last year!

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