Lightweight 2 person backpacking tent

The Best Value Two-Person Tent for Lightweight Adventures in 2024

By Kenny Stocker

Dive into the Alpkit Ordos 2 review - celebrated for its lightweight design, quality materials, and exceptional value. Perfect for backpackers seeking a reliable, budget-friendly tent.

In their article Best 2 person tents for backpacking for 2024 TGO put ten of the latest lightweight tents suitable for 2 people to the test and recognises the Ordos 2 as the best value two-person tent, earning a solid 4/5 rating for its blend of lightweight construction, affordability, and quality.

Ordos stands out for its use of high-quality, lightweight materials, including a 15D PU nylon ripstop flysheet and a 20D polyester mesh/15D nylon ripstop inner, coupled with a 20D PU/Sil nylon ripstop groundsheet boasting a 3000 mm hydrostatic head.

Weighing in at under 1.6kg, the Ordos 2 features an inner-first pitching system that proves quick and straightforward, thanks to the hub-connected three-part pole structure. With lightweight pegs made from DAC aluminium, the tent has proven to be stabile and reliable during use. With a small packed size it is easily attached to a backpack or bike, highlighting its suitability for various outdoor adventures.

As a lightweight 2 person tent the tapered wedge shape optimises space, with enough room for two mats. The porch is capable of storing two trekking rucksacks and boots.

The review finds the Ordos 2 offers exceptional value, marrying lightweight portability with solid construction and practical features. As such it’s an ideal choice for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a dependable, budget-friendly tent that doesn’t skimp on quality.


Lightweight, waterproof hooped bivvy bag weighing less than 1kg
€99,99 €119,99
Trekking pole tent for long distance backpacking: 1-person, 3-season, 980g
€119,99 €149,99
Innovative air pole tent great for bikepacking and hiking trips: 1-person, 3-season, 1.2kg
€159,99 €189,99
Innovative air pole tent great for bikepacking and hiking trips: 2-person, 3-season, 1.5kg
€199,99 €229,99
Ultralight backpacking tent: 1-person, 2-3 season, sub 900g (2lb)
€289,99 €349,99
Ultralight backpacking tent: 1-person, 3-season, 1.2kg
€149,99 €169,99
Ultralight backpacking tent: 1-person XL, 3-season, 1.31kg
€169,99 €179,99
Spacious, backpacking tunnel tent: 2-person, 3-season, 3.2kg
€169,99 €189,99
Spacious, backpacking tunnel tent: 3-person, 3-season, 3.9kg
€179,99 €209,99
Geodesic backpacking tent: 2-person, 3-season, 3kg
€139,99 €179,99
Ultralight backpacking tent: 2-person, 3-season, 1.4kg
€219,99 €259,99
Ultralight backpacking tent: 3-person, 3-season, 1.7kg
€249,99 €289,99

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