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Is it possible to find a headtorch for running under £50?

By Kenny Stocker>

Is it possible to find a high quality running headtorch under £50? This is the question Rob posed on Fiona Outdoors.

Though Fiona's preferred head torch, the Silva Runner, is priced at approximately £130, she sought opinions from her social media followers to find affordable yet efficient alternatives. We were thrilled to see our Gamma mentioned several times.

Multiple users recommended the Alpkit Gamma, frequently described as offering tremendous quality and value, specifically for night-time trail running.

In summary, while there are many head torches available at varying price points, the Alpkit Gamma consistently stands out as offering excellent quality and value, making it a favourite among users and stacking up well against more expensive options.

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Head Torches and Camping Lanterns

400 lumen head torch with motion sensor activation
450 lumen head torch with red LED light to preserve night vision
240 lumen head torch with a reactive lighting mode
580 lumen USB rechargeable head torch with adjustable beam width
300 lumen rechargeable head torch with adjustable beam and rear safety light
400 lumen rechargeable waterproof head torch that's durable and easy to operate
Clip-on flashing red safety lights for improved visibility. Pack of 2
€6,99 €9,99
200 lumen rechargeable camping lantern with hanging clip and magnetic back
Rechargeable bluetooth speaker and camp light combo to gently kick back on multi-day adventures
200 lumen waterproof camping lantern that floats
190 lumen camping lantern that converts to a camping torch

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