High power LED waterproof head torch for running

Prism One of the best Waterproof Head Torches for Running

By David Hanney

Muddy Racer Liam Hallam regards the Alpkit Prism as a great option for runners, especially those tackling nighttime obstacle course races (OCRs).

In this review of the Best Running Headtorches Liam notes the Prisms 550 head torch boasts an impressive IPX7 rating, indicating it can endure being submerged in water up to a meter for 30 minutes, making it superior to many competing models.

It emits a game-changing 550 lumens of light, ensuring clarity during night runs, while its build is durable with an aluminum body, designed to withstand rugged use. Despite its front-heavy design and a weight of 153 grams, the head torch remains comfortable and minimizes bounce when running.

One of its prime features is its lighting strength, offering a series of fixed strength beams that range from 25 lumens for close reading to a full 550 lumens, transforming nighttime trails. While it doesn't feature a battery gauge, it's compatible with rechargeable batteries.

Liams Review was published on MuddyRace.co.uk in October 2015

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