3 person lightweight backpacking tent

Exceptional value 3 person tent for lightweight backpacking adventures

By Kenny Stocker>

Chris Williams, a seasoned outdoor journalist and hill walker, provides an in-depth review of the Jaran 3 backpacking tent for Live for the Outdoors. His review particularly emphasises its value for money and functionality in real-world camping conditions.

Similar lightweight dome tents from competing brands such as NEMO, Marmot, and Sea To Summit cost around twice as much. Frankly, it’s very difficult to justify the vast difference.

We think this makes the Jaran 3 a great choice for group backpackers, school expeditions and outdoor adventure providers who are hitting the hills this spring.

Design and Features:

The Jaran 3, a lightweight, three-person hiking tent, stands out for its versatility. It features a freestanding, semi-geodesic dome shape with an additional crossbar, enhancing both stability and internal space. Despite a slight tapering in its design, the tent offers ample room, particularly suited for two people. It includes two doors and a vestibule on each side, offering practical entry and storage space. The use of robust materials like 40D and 15D/20D nylon for different parts of the tent, including a waterproof flysheet and groundsheet, underlines its durability and suitability for three-season use.


Williams notes the Jaran 3's stability and ease of pitching, thanks to its single hub pole design and pre-attached guy lines. The tent's lightweight nature, along with its small packed size (45 x 15 cm), makes it ideal for both short and long trips. Although there are more spacious options available, the Jaran 3's balance of size, weight, and stability makes it an excellent choice for pairs. Additionally, the waterproof ratings and bathtub-style groundsheet effectively protect against water ingress.

Aesthetics and Extras:

The dark green flysheet of the Jaran 3 blends well with natural surroundings making it a good choice for wild camping. The tent also comes with a dozen pegs, offering more utility than some competitors that require additional purchases for full setup.


Chris shows his appreciation for our sustainable business practices, including a repair service and recycling initiatives. While the Jaran 3 itself does not use recycled materials, its silicone waterproof coating is PFC-free and does not use harmful chemical fire retardants.

Price and Value:

Priced at £279.99, Chris notes the Jaran 3 offers exceptional value, especially when compared to similar models from other brands that can cost twice as much. Its quality construction and our repair services available at every store make it a cost-effective choice in the medium to long term.


Chris concludes that the Jaran 3 is an excellent investment, particularly for three-season adventures for two people. Its combination of lightweight design, stability, and affordability, backed with a commitment to sustainable practices, make it a standout option in the backpacking tent market.


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