Lightweight backpacking tent

Why a semi-geodesic tent is good for lightweight backpacking

By Kenny Stocker

A detailed analysis of the Alpkit Ordos 2 semi-geodesic backpacking tent, highlighting its suitability for backpacking with insights from James Forrest.

The Ordos 2 is a lightweight tent for backpacking. James Forrest, one of the UK's most high profile and experienced outdoor writers, tested the Alpkit Ordos 2 during spring 2024, alongside several other 2 person tents in Best two-person tents 2024 | Tested and reviewed

They say

The Alpkit Ordos 2 is a lightweight design, making it perfect for backpackers who prioritise low weight and affordability. Its hybrid tunnel design offers effective wind resistance, with a semi-geodesic shape that maintains stability in diverse conditions.

The tent's fabrics are both robust and light, featuring a 3000mm hydrostatic head rating on the flysheet and groundsheet for adequate water resistance. It's designed to be compact yet functional, with a small porch area and sufficient headspace within its streamlined profile.

It’s a little less spacious inside than some, while it tips the scales a little more than the very lightest of lightweight shelters, but for this price these qualms seem positively ludicrous.

Moreover, James appreciates the tent's value for money, comparing it favourably to more expensive brands like Nemo, Sea to Summit and MSR while delivering comparable quality and performance.

We say

Our Ordos 2 backpacking tent is a 2-person backacking tent designed to maximise comfort and liveable space on multi-day adventures. Its semi-geodesic design favourably balances weight with useable space. Its silicon-coated flysheet is naturally PFC-Free and resistant to UV degradation. Its free-standing geodesic, hubbed pole design is designed to be pitched quickly without fuss.

For a comprehensive look at James Forrest's insights on the Ordos 2, read the full review on Live for the Outdoors.

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