Flying Towards DofE

Flying Towards DofE

By Col

Often a stumbling block formany children to experience life developing skills through adventure and independence throughself-supported expeditions like the DofE isaccess to equipment that they would otherwise not have. Well through fundraising and support from the Alpkit Foundation, the 366(King Ecgbert) Squadron were able to take 14 air cadets on a three day expedition in the Yorshire Dales for their silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. The area where the cadets is in the top 10% of deprived neighbourhoods in the country which for many wouldmeanthat without helpthe expeditions could not take place.

Simon Tredinnick let us know how the addition of this equipment has helped these cadets.

"The award has helped to foster the spirit of adventure, teamwork and independence. With the 14 cadets who went on the expeditions between the 20th and the 22nd September , 5 are looking to take part in their gold award, which involves 4 days in remote areas where they will camp for three nights. Many are also taking an interest in oversea expeditions.

Some cadets who were lacking confidence are now beginning to take a lead and in addition, many are learning good life skills. These skills include navigation and probably more importantly ,cooking and looking after themselves."

What's great is that not only will it help those cadets this year, but it's also beenso popular that it's likely now that they will be used to support50 air cadets on over 100 days of camping next year as part of two bronze expeditions, two silver and one gold.

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