Agoonoree Scout Camp

Agoonoree Scout Camp

By Alpkit

For many of us at Alpkit, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows and Brownies offered us our first indtroduction to the outdoors and the joy it can bring; Pitching your first tent, lighting your first fire and singing songs as it roars away.

There's a great satisfaction from collecting so many badges thatyou run out of space on your jumper, and competing against your mates to get your badges before anyone else just makes it all the more exciting.

Every year, the Agoonoree Scout Camp throw a week long event specifically for special needs Scouts from Greater London, allowing them to take part in a variety activities such as climbing, rafting, shooting, hiking, swimming and even tomahawk throwing.

'Agoon' means 'meeting with friends' in Greek, and couldn't sum up the camp any better. Every year they gather for a fun filled week and share tales of Daring Deeds with friends old and new.

The Agoon Scout Camp has been going for over 70 years, providing a much needed space for those that need a little extra help. We believe everyone should be given the same chances to enjoy the outdoors and the great excitement of a Scout Camp, so when Kara got in touch with us at the Alpkit Foundation to help with funds for the Agoonoree Scout Camp 2019, we just had to help.

The camp is entirely self funded and run by volunteers, with some volunteers also helping to fund the event themselves as well as organising fund raising events. We run our own festival mostyears (returning in 2020) and know first hand the work that goes in to putting on an accessible event like this, so to be able to give them a helping hand, however big or small, makes us feel incredibly privileged.

We think camps like this are incredibly valuable to our young scouts, special needs or not. They offer vital opportunities to develop skills for later in life (as well as surviving in forests!) and inspire growth and confidence in the natural atmosphere and mingling with other likeminded folk.

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