Our Expertise in Bouldering Mats

Our Expertise in Bouldering Mats

By Nick

We know bouldering mats: we've been making them since 2004.Developed by boulderers in the Peak District, they've been proven in some of the best bouldering areas in the world.. (Rocklands, Val di Mello, Fontainebleau, Magic Woods and Albarracin - to name just a few).

We take enourmous pride in the quality of our bouldering mats, and get our kicks knowing climbers trust them to seek out and climb inspiring lines, some even developing into British and World champions.

Here's our recipe for great bouldering pads.

Designed and made by climbers

Alpkit isn’t just a name above the door or a logo on a product, it’s the people who work here, it's the people who use and trust our products day in, day out.

Our factory team is wonderfully vibrant. We’ve got experienced machinists from the local textile industry working alongside outdoor folk who use the gear, so it’s a melting pot of shared experiences, skills and ideas. By day we design and make bouldering pads and come the weekend we’re out testing them under local rock.

High quality materials and workmanship

Your new boulder pad won’t look new forever, but it will age gracefully. Sure, it might get a scar or start to fade, but it won’t let you down.

We put our heart and soul into finding the right materials and techniques to create bouldering pads that last. We use durable Cordura and Torino fabrics so we can be sure they’ll stand the test of time, then we bar-tack and double-stitch it so you know it won’t split at the seams when you take a big fall. Knowing this gives us all the satisfaction we need to keep making stuff and guarantee it with our Alpine Bond.

The best foam

In all the years we’ve been designing pads we’ve looked at more foam than is healthy. Safety isn’t something to scrimp on, especially when climbing, so we work tirelessly to find the best combination of foam to hit the sweet spot between impact absorption, durability, and weight. Here is an insight into the factors that contribute to the performance of our foam.

Innovative design

Small though it is, our factory and the people who work in it let us do something we could only dream of with an off-shore factory: innovation through continual improvement.Some developments make small advances, others great leaps. Either way, the team can come back from a session at the crag with an idea for a pad, they can make a prototype, test it that evening and have it in production in a matter of days.

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