Project bouldering mat

Project taco style bouldering mat is a giant safety net for climbers

By Kenny Stocker

Rob Greenwood delves into the growing trend in the climbing community of larger bouldering pads. In this UKC review he reflects on the days when most pads were similarly sized, emphasizing how certain brands like Organic and Moon have since transformed the scene with their expansive designs. The principle is straightforward: the larger the surface area and the deeper the foam, the safer the landing.

A few words need to be said about the depth of this pad, because 15cm of triple layer foam really is something. Unsurprisingly it's a dream to fall on, with a good balance between soft impact and firm landing.

The Project, with its significant 15cm triple layer foam, undeniably follows this mantra. Rob articulates the unparalleled comfort it provides when landing, attributing it to the blend of open and closed cell foam within. It's a delightful balance, offering both softness upon impact and a firm base for landing.

However, with size comes the challenge of portability. At 9kg, while it isn't extraordinarily heavy, the Project's immense dimensions do bring carrying concerns. Alpkit has addressed this by integrating a back system from their mountaineering packs, ensuring comfort when carrying this behemoth pad.

A clever addition to the Project is the large rucksack cover, designed to shield the back system from dirt. Although Rob finds it slightly inelegant and worries about its potential to get lost, he acknowledges its effectiveness in keeping the user's back clean and dry.

Lastly, Greenwood touches on the value of the enormous bouldering pad. The Project's price significantly undercuts other pads of its size, marking it as a notable bargain for those who can accommodate its size.

Rob compares our bouldering mats in his UKmade bouldering mat review.

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