Weekend of activity

By Kenny Stocker>

So the weather has been pretty good the past couple of weeks out here in Lecco. My time here is coming to an end so I have been pretty keen to make the most of these final days. Thursday morning I went AWOL and squeezed in a few hours of snowboarding at Piani di Bobbio, a small ski area just 15 minutes from Lecco. Although the runs are not difficult it is just right for half a day. It will be a day to remember for many reasons.

Friday was back to work, but I couldn’t resist an evening outing up to San Martino along the sentiero Pizzetti. The evenings are still quite short, so the descent was assisted by my faithful Indigo headtorch. I took a breather at the small chapel at San Martino, looking down on Lecco as the sun sets over the Eastern Alps is one of my favourite experiences.

Saturday was a mixed day, I had some work to catch up with so I waited until the afternoon before wheeling my bike out of the ‘box’ and setting off up the hill to Morterone, the smallest commune in Italy. I wanted to explore the old track that originaly provided access to Piani d’Erna but is now deserted. As it turns out it would have been better ascending along the road to Forcella di Olino and then descending the old track. The final part was to steep to climb by bike, and the fact that it was covered by 20cm of snow didn’t help matters. Needless to say most of my time was spent carrying the bike on my back.

Sundays plan was better formed and I set off from Moggio at 8am. Climbing along the crest I was met by an unexpected strong wind, so snowshoes were exchanged for crampons for the final section of hard packed wind blown snow. Arriving at Rif. Lecco at 10.30 I headed in to the Vallone dei Camosci. I was accompanied by a lone snowboarder, but we parted ways at the head of the valley. I left my snow shoes and CarbonLite trekking poles at the base of the Canalone dei Camosci and climbed to the summit of the Zuccone di Campelli. The wind was strong, spindrift immediately covering my tracks, I was alone on the summit.

It was a nice day but I didn’t hang around. I had a luncheon appointment at Rif. Lecco so I carefully descended the Canalone and made good time back to the rifugio. My friends from Lecco were already there, hanging out, drinking and eating. I had arrived a little late but ordered a hot chocolate and a slice of apple pie anyway. It was only mid-day but I had achieved what I had set out to do. We parted ways, they headed back to the piste for the afternoon session, I pulled on my snow shoes and headed back over the pass towards Moggio.

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