What to Pack for the Alps

What to Pack for the Alps

By Alex Guerrero

Way back when Nick, Col, Kenny and Jim thought up a name for their company, it was simple. Kit you’d throw in a van to go and have fun in the Alps? That’s Alpkit. Years later, we’re quite a bit bigger (just a smidge!) but we’re still constantly alpine dreaming. Here’s our kit list for a summer’s trip to the Alps.

What should I pack for the Alps?

A basic clothing kit list should consist of your base layer, midlayer and outer shell. Then it's always a good idea to pack accessories and travel essentials - like your hat, gloves and SPF! Don't forget - depending on whether you’re tackling the big mountains with changeable weather or meandering round the valleys, you might need to pack different kit.

What is a base layer?

The base layer is the clothing you wear next-to-skin. It wicks sweat away, keeping you comfortable and dry. And, depending on what it's designed for, it can keep you warm or cool.

What is a midlayer?

Your midlayer can be a fleece, jumper or insulated jacket. Their main purpose is to keep you warm - not to protect you from the elements. If it's really chilly, you might need more than one!

What is an outer shell?

Last but not least, the all-important shell protects you from the elements (rain, wind, snow). Different waterproofs and winshells are designed for movement in different activities. They're your barrier against the weather.

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