The Reni provides extra sun protection for summer trekking holidays, long days at the crag or even an afternoon nap in your hammock if you’re feeling especially lazy!

  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Provides protection from UV rays
  • Cotton keeps you cool in hot weather

The Reni is constructed from 2 layers of organic cotton fabric, providing plenty of protection from harmful UV rays. The bucket hat design provides better protection than caps, covering your ears and most of your neck, whilst still stuffing into smaller pockets.

Cotton is highly breathable, allowing hot air to pass through it to help keep you cool when the sun is beating down. Cotton’s absorbent properties are a real advantage in summer, where it absorbs sweat or water to stop you overheating. Dunk it in a tarn or alpine drinking trough when it’s really hot!


Key Features

  • Cotton is highly breathable, keeping you cool in hot weather
  • Absorbs sweat and water to stop you overheating
  • Protects your head, ears and neck from harmful UV rays
  • Reversible design to change colours and hide salty sweat marks
  • Can also be worn at gigs for Stone Roses tribute bands
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


100% organic cotton

Origin: China

Sustainability & Care

Product Care Information

Wash by hand with lukewarm water using a non-biological detergent or pure soap. DO NOT use fabric conditioners or softeners and rinse thoroughly in clean water. Line dry and DO NOT tumble dry or iron. Who irons their hat, anyway?!


The Reni is made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton farming produces significantly less CO₂, uses less water and eliminates the use of harmful pesticides.

Size Guide
Hat Sizing
One Size Regular Large
Inches 21.7 - 24 21.7 - 22.8 23.2 - 24.4
Centimetres 55 - 61 55 - 58 59 - 62

How to Measure

Measure around the circumference of your head.

How to Measure

Measure around the circumference of your head.