Outstanding brightness of a hillwalking headtorch

The outstanding brightness of the Qark makes it an essential headtorch for adventurers at an unbeatable price

By Kenny Stocker

Bryn Davies praises the Alpkit Qark headtorch in his 7 of the best head torches on the market review for "Wired for Adventure."

He acknowledges the torch's outstanding brightness, which ranges from 30 to a remarkable 580 lumens, deeming it ideal for illuminating even the darkest trails or campsites. The Qark's versatility is accentuated with its five lighting modes, and the beam focus feature, allowing users to switch effortlessly between spot and flood lighting, stands out. One of Bryn's favorite aspects of the headtorch is its power source.

The device comes equipped with a rechargeable battery pack that offers between 2.5 and 30 hours of illumination, contingent on the mode. Notably, when this battery depletes, users can easily transition to traditional AAA batteries while recharging the pack via micro-USB.

Ensuring a snug fit, the overhead strap is complemented by the headtorch's IPX6 water resistance, guaranteeing its utility even in rainy conditions.

In summary, Bryn recommends the Alpkit Qark as a valuable and efficient headtorch.

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