Head torch for runners and walkers

Compact headtorches cater to needs of hill walkers and runners

By Talyn Williams

Outdoors Magic have included our Gamma LED head torch in their top 100 outdoor products of 2019.

The Alpkit Gamma III seems to redefine the capabilities of compact headtorches, presenting a blend of powerful illumination, versatility, and exceptional value for money.

They find this little head torch to be an exemplar of compact efficiency and powerful performance in the world of headtorches. This lightweight gadget effortlessly blends into the background until its illumination capabilities are called upon, at which point it rivals the brilliance of significantly larger counterparts.

Its rear-mounted red LED ensures nighttime visibility on dark paths, catering especially to avid walkers and runners. Furthermore, its pivoting, water-resistant 180-lumen lamp boasts a trifecta of LEDs (white, red, and green) designed to cater to various needs — from nighttime photography with the red LED, map reading with the green, to battery conservation with the white.

A standout feature is its detachable overhead strap, which promises users a snug fit during activities like night runs. Above all, what sets the Gamma III apart is its unparalleled value for money.

Find out why Outdoors Magic think that this head torch is ideal for runners and walkers who don’t stop just because the sun’s gone down.

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