Best value headtorch in 2023 for hillwalking

We have the best value hillwalking headtorch of 2023

By Kenny Stocker

Matt Jones of Live for the Outdoors magazine highlights the Alpkit Qark as a notably competitive headtorch, especially considering its affordable price.

Despite being the cheapest model reviewed, the Alpkit Qark boasts a commendable maximum light output of 580 lumens, making it the second-brightest on the list. Operation is simple with a single button that controls all its functions. Users can cycle through various light modes, and the rotating bezel feature, while adding some bulk, is handy for adjusting the beam's spread and focus.

The headtorch is lightweight, weighing under 100g, and features a secure three-point strap. An added advantage is its hybrid battery compatibility, accommodating either 3 AAA batteries or the included rechargeable battery pack, which is also detachable and micro-USB rechargeable.

Matt concludes that the Qark is a reliable choice for various outdoor activities throughout the year.

Due to its significant pros and few cons, combined with its competitive price, the Alpkit Qark was awarded Best Value in the LFTO Best head torches for hiking reviewed

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