Best headtorch for running and mountain marathons

Best headtorch for running and mountain marathons

By Kenny Stocker

Qin Xie's review for The Sun showcased the impressive attributes of the Alpkit Manta head torch. Celebrating its diverse range of brightness settings, from a gentle 30 lumens to a brilliant 300 lumens, Qui Xie was particularly taken by its battery longevity, highlighting the ability to last an incredible 90 hours on the most conservative setting.

While the extra battery capability adds a tad more weight, the advantages like the bonus red light on the battery pack for heightened visibility more than make up for it.

Qin also commended the head torch's snug fit, courtesy of its well-designed straps. Though the tilt of the light has a bit of limitation, Qui Xie recommends it as an outstanding choice for runners, especially those eyeing mountain marathons, suggesting it's tailored for swift movements over challenging terrains.

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