Off.Road review the Kloke

Kloke lightweight bivvy bag highly rated for mountain bikers

By Hayley Dow

In Matt Page's review for Off.Road magazine, the Kloke emerges as a shining star for ultralight bikepacking or camping adventures.

The Kloke, a lightweight bivvy bag, introduces a huge step-up in breathability from its predecessor, the Alpkit Hunka. With an impressive weight reduction to 274g, this bag exhibits excellent waterproofing with a hydrostatic head of 20,000mm, thus guaranteeing dry nights in the outdoors.

For riders looking for a lightweight and compact bivvy bag that is also incredibly breathable and waterproof, the Kloke is an impressive shelter to use.

Made from 3-layer fabric with ultrafine 10 denier nylon, the Kloke folds into an incredibly small package, about the size of a litre milk container. Even better, with appropriate compression techniques, it can shrink to half its packed size, truly embracing the spirit of minimalist packing.

While the Kloke uses a full zip closure, its design highlights the need for proper ventilation to ensure user safety. The bag feels cozy but not overly snug and provides a good amount of space to store kit, while still maintaining a pleasant feeling of enclosure.

Testing under various weather conditions revealed that the Kloke could keep the user dry even in constant rain. Despite some condensation forming inside after wetter nights, this could easily be resolved by leaving a gap in the zip for better ventilation.

The Kloke doesn't come with a pole or support to raise the head area, but it does include a small loop that can be connected to an overhead structure, like a tarp or tree branch.

Though the lightweight material may raise concerns about durability, Matt reassures that the Kloke holds up well if you pick your camping spot wisely.

In the realm of weight, weatherproofing, breathability, and compact packing, the Kloke presents a competitive package at a reasonable price. Yes, the zip design may pose some frustrations, and taller people might struggle a bit with its positioning. Yet overall, the Kloke stands out as a remarkable, performance-oriented shelter ready to support your wildest adventures.

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