Talking Torridon Tales 2

Talking Torridon Tales 2

By Dom Bush>

Following on from enjoying An Teallach... Joe and Ian got in touch with an old pal who is running sea kayak trips and guiding services in Torridon to fix us some sit on top kayaks – big thanks to Sheildaig Adventures for this – and we headed up to park at Loch Maree to start our epic approach to Carnmore. There are a few different options for this; either cycle or walk for three or four hours from Poolewe, or paddle over Loch Maree and climb a pass which leads to the valley. Keen for as much adventure as possible we had chosen the second option.

Open top kayaking on Windermere in the Lake District

We picked our way through islands in the sunshine and finally reached the shore where the footpath started. After an hour and a half of trudging with heavy packs we reached the top of the col and snatched our first glimpse of Fionn Loch and the causeway over to Carnmore. The crag towered above the valley and looked every bit as huge as we imaged. As we dropped down we were taken aback by the landscape; look one way to find huge Lofoten-like slabs and the other, enormous buttresses of broken rock similar to those in the booming valleys of Glencoe.

Mountain Bothy Association

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