Pyranha Rev

By Bill Anderson>

With Jim offering us a go in Pyranha’s new playboat, the Rev, Nic and I eagerly headed to Alpkit’s Nottingham headquarters to pick them up. With no rain about to try them on some river waves we headed to the National Water Sports Centre to try them on the artificial slalom course.

It’s been a while since I’ve paddled a Pyranha playboat I have enjoyed. The Rev was a lot different and I felt able to throw the boat around with a lot more ease whilst keeping control over it. Although I was in the medium and it was a little small for me, I still found it popped nicely for loops and floated well on the Muncher wave.

Although it was only a short session with the Rev I look forwards to getting my hands on a large one to try so I can really push it. The medium was a fun boat to paddle but I found it worked best when I really drove it into moves.

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