Getting my kayaking video skills up to scratch

By Nicola Beeby

Having a few big adventures planned for 2012 I’ve decided I want to get my video and editing skills up to scratch! With this in mind I thought I’d put my new Go-Pro to the test during a wet October in Scotland. The following video is the result of a few days personal paddling and then a week working alongside New Wave Coaching.

After spending the time videoing and trying to get the best angles, hanging it in trees, dropping it off bridges I had a few hours of footage which needed to be cut down. The editing process was an eye opener it made me realise next time which types of shots were required to get the best video, so hopefully each video should be an improvement. Obviously there was the age old problem of if you are videoing, there is no one to video you, I must get that sorted!

Check out the final New Wave Coaching video.

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