Family on the Yorkshire Coast Cycling Route

An Easter bikepacking journey on the Yorkshire Coast Route

By Kenny Stocker>

Imagine your own Easter bikepacking journey on Yorkshire's Cinder Track from Scarborough to Whitby. Explore coastal paths, enjoy scenic descents, and perhaps stay at Whitby Abbey's YHA. The Easter family did just this, finding adventure and memorable experiences in the great outdoors..

This Easter, we decided to take our annual family bikepacking trip to the Yorkshire coast, following the Cinder Track from Scarborough to Whitby. I have found from previous family bike packing experience that an out-and-back route is often the easiest and simplest to allow for any plan B adaptations that need to be made due to tired legs, mechanicals, injuries, freak weather events or a total loss of morale. I had previously recced a little of the route and, having researched it on Komoot, thought it looked ideal for our gaggle of intrepid cyclists aged 20 months, 7, 9 and 11 years old. We joined forces with another family because nothing keeps your kids pedalling better than a bit of peer pressure.

Bikpacking bags for cycle touring

We travelled up to Scarborough in driving rain and howling winds, so I was already feeling a little apprehensive. We sheltered from the storm in the many and eclectic amusement arcades enjoying a number of hours on the 2p slots. We stayed overnight in the Grand Hotel Scarborough - it was perhaps grand once - it does have two ballrooms, but now it is a little faded, but they do have Bingo on every evening if that takes your fancy. We had a delicious evening meal at the Bike and Boot Hotel, which would make ideal accommodation for those wanting a little more luxury (they have good bike storage as well).

Morning arrived, and stacks of pancakes fuelled the legs; as the sea mist cleared, we joined the Cinder track. This is a beautiful path which makes up the Yorkshire Coast Route and follows the coastline along stunning cliffs, and has some impressive vistas. It's a drag out of Scarborough to Ravenscar but never more than about 3%, and despite the muddy conditions, the kids made quick work of it. Me, less so as I was fully laden with bags and our youngest in the trailer. We stopped at Ravenscar for a refuel before starting a glorious descent towards Robin Hood's Bay. With whoops and cheers from the kids, we were flying along; the sun was shining, and thick yellow gorse bushes lined a fabulous track.

Cycle touring on the Yorkshire Coast Cycle Route

Stopping briefly for Haribo top-ups and chatting with a few friendly horses, we approached Whitby. We could see the Abbey in the distance and chose to take the quiet road out of town to avoid the steep climbs of Whitby itself. Certainly, for me, pulling the trailer was a wise decision. Pedalling into Whitby Abbey (passing Whitby Brewery, which looked good for a pint), we finished our ride in style. What a superb place to stop. The YHA in Whitby is situated within the Abbey grounds, and we were made to feel extremely welcome despite being early for check-in, covered in mud and surrounded by a rabble of excited children. We parked our bikes and strolled into Whitby in search of fish and chips, ice cream and Count Dracula.

Easter family cycle touring on the Yorkshire Coastal Cycle Route

The following morning we reversed the route and slogged our way slowly back up to Ravenscar. There were some tired legs, but spirits were high. The trail was even more waterlogged, and I was glad we were heading back to the van as all our kit was filthy. Despite an early start to miss the rain, we finished in Scarborough, soaked and muddy but with an immense sense of satisfaction. We warmed up my daughter with two down jackets, packed a tantruming toddler into his car seat and set about trying to fit 5 bikes and a trailer into our van.

Traveling by bike with kids is no easy task and it can seem daunting. My top tips would be to keep it as short and simple as possible and always have an emergency escape plan (ours was to send one of us the 30km back to the van if anyone needed rescuing). Frequent stops, plenty of snacks, lots of spare layers and bringing friends along for the ride keeps morale high and the wheels turning.

The Easter family used Alpkit bikepacking bags to carry their kit.

The Yorkshire Coast Cycling Route is Yorkshire's Ultimate road trip, a new way to explore the Yorkshire Coast, where you can create your own amazing adventure throughout 100 miles of glorious coastline.

For more family friend bike packing routes and trips you can follow the Easter family on on Komoot as poebesneds and on Instagram as Snedatron.

All photography by Scot Easter

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