Today's Featured Products - Spacemaker Sale

Today's Featured Products - Spacemaker Sale

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Trekking pole tent for long distance backpacking: 1-person, 3-season, 980g
Bundle price €189,99


Ultralight backpacking tent: 1-person, 3-season, 1.2kg
Bundle price From €169,99
  • Kelp
  • Chilli
  • Lego


Waterproof and breathable bivvy bag weighing less than 400g
Bundle price €64,99


Lightweight, waterproof hooped bivvy bag weighing less than 1kg
Bundle price €139,99

Airo 120

Self-inflating sleeping mat: torso length, 2.5cm thick, 450g
Bundle price €54,99


Foam roll sleeping mat: full length, 0.8cm thick, 310g
Bundle price €14,99

Pipedream 600

Ultralight, 4-season sleeping bag: -12˚C limit, DownTek™ down fill
Bundle price €319,99

Skyehigh 700

Lightweight, 4-season sleeping bag: -7°C limit, RDS-certified down fill
Bundle price €229,99
  • Kelp
  • Chilli

Rig 3.5

Siliconised ripstop nylon tarp with 16 hypalon attachment points
Bundle price €69,99

Rig 7

30d siliconised ripstop nylon tarp, the ultimate lightweight shelter for backpackers
Bundle price €119,99