Men's Hats

Men's Hats

You lose a lot of heat through that head: when it's cold you shouldn't be without a warm hat, or a draught excluder to keep your ears warm and the cold air off your neck... Read more

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Mountain Beanie

Bright geometric Alpkit beanie
Bundle price €12,49

Draught Excluder

It is a hat, a scarf, an ear band…
Bundle price €12,49

Diamond Trucker

Classic trucker cap with Sonder logo patch
Was €22,49

Swoosh Snapback

Classic snapback cap with Alpkit swoosh logo
Was €22,49

Splitearth Snapback

Classic snapback cap with Sonder logo
Was €22,49

Norden Beanie

Merino wool and acrylic blend hat, fleece-lined
Was €22,49

Idwal Beanie

Chunky ribbed knit woolly hat, 100% lambswool
Bundle price €27,49

Airhead Beanie

Low profile fleece liner beanie, fits neatly under helmets
Was €17,49
  • Chilli
  • Fontainebleau


Warm, wind resistant and breathable fleece beanie
Was €14,99
  • Charcoal
  • Reef

Kepler Heavyweight Beanie

Pure merino wool beanie, double-layered for warmth
Was €22,49