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'How To' Guides

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How To Read Water

Clues and Patterns from Puddles to the Sea
RRP €12,49

Don't Forget The Duct Tape

Tips and tricks for repairing and maintaining outdoor and travel gear. Give your gear a chance of new life or simply hack it into the gear of your dreams
RRP €8,99

Navigation in the Mountains

This definitive navigation guide is ideal for hill walkers, mountaineers and leaders.
RRP €19,99

Canoe Camping; An Essential Guide

Mark Scriver's comprehensive guide to a safe and enjoyable canoe camping trip. 
RRP €17,49

The Natural Navigator

An introduction into navigation by nature; combining natural science, folklore and the history of travel
RRP €14,99

Harry and Daisy Learn To Skateboard

Fun and educational book teaching the basics of skating
RRP €6,29

Climbing Bible

Technical, physical and mental training for rock climbing
RRP €19,99

1001 Climbing Tips

An irregular instruction manual for anyone who hangs off stuff or just hangs around in the mountains
RRP €27,49

Crack Climbing

Mastering the skills & techniques of crack climbing
Bundle price €27,49

Mountain Biking

RRP €19,99

Hard Rock

Simply the best of British rock climbing
RRP €44,99