Apogee Jacket: Worry-Free Warmth

Apogee Jacket: Worry-Free Warmth

By Hati Whiteley>

When you work hard, you get warm. Well you do if you’ve got the right layers on anyway. But you can’t keep moving forever, at some point you’ve got to stop. That’s when the cold sets in, and that’s when the Apogee comes out. Driving home after snowy nocturnal run over Lockerbrook, waiting for your mate to finish their project when you’re too knackered to keep going, emerging from the River Lune shouldering a kayak after swimming more than you’d have liked, all in the knowledge that a warm shower is at least a few hours away: these are probably the moments when I’ve been most appreciative of the Apogee.

Alpkiteer Anna Wells staying toasty on Glen Coe

The Apogee is the evolution of Alpkit’s classic 0Hiro: a comfy insulated jacket for keeping you warm over winter. Before borrowing an Apogee jacket from the AK gear pool, I had never really understood where it would fit into my wardrobe. Surely at some point your insulated jacket collection gets to the point where you quite simply don’t need any more insulation? But after reading Alpkiteer Anna Well’s glowing review, I couldn’t not give it a go. Now I’m finding it pretty tricky to part with…

What Anna reckons:
“This has quickly become my number one go-to-jacket! I love the bright colour and simplicity, and it performs exceptionally well. It is baggy enough to fit a good amount of layers underneath, but smart fitting enough to look great as a casual about-town jacket too. The pockets are nice and big with a comfortably fitting hood. This jacket has kept me warm skiing in minus-ten sunshine, and winter climbing in gruelling Scottish winter. The fact that it is synthetic means I can worry less if it gets a bit wet. I highly recommend the Apogee jacket as a comfortable, versatile and very attractive jacket.”
What I reckon:

Apogee is verstile, and therein lies its strength. It’s the jacket that you chuck on to nip to out for milk, to pick up a friend from the airport, even to the work Christmas party (although maybe not black-tie events). The relaxed fit means it fits comfortably over whatever you’re wearing, be it a shell, mid layer, or a vest, but somehow it’s still flattering. Whatever design wizardry went it to making that happen, I’m a huge fan.

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