Four Borders Canoe Expedition Report

By Col>

Back in 2006, 8 students from Universities across the UK embarked on a 10-week expedition to Siberia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Our mission was two-fold: in Mongolia we explored rivers that have never before been kayaked while in Siberia we tackled big volume rivers through long and remote gorges which took up to a week each to complete. It wasn't always easy: droughts, crashes, vodka, arrests, near deportation, vodka, smuggling, bribery and more vodka were just some of the things we were faced with. However, we eventually found some amazing first descents in Mongolia, including clean waterfalls, fast slides, boulder garden rapids and committing canyons. And we successfully took on some of the hardest and longest multi-day rivers in some of the most remote parts of the Siberian Altai. Articles about the Four Borders Expedition have been published in Paddles, April 08 issue and Canoe Focus, April 2008. More stories and photos on the Four Borders Expedition website. Lowri Davies is best known as one of the World’s top female freestyle kayakers, including winning titles such as European Champion and British Champion (4 times); and has been a member of the British Team 7 times. In 2007, Lowri was selected as the only female in an 8-strong team of top white water paddlers for the British Universities Kayak Expedition to explore some of the wild rivers of Siberia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. You find out what Lowri is up to now on her website

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