Hadron Under the Spotlight

Hadron Under the Spotlight

By Talyn Williams>

Andy McCandlish of MBR magazine speaks favorably of the Alpkit Hadron led bike light, particularly highlighting its value for budget-conscious buyers.

It may be missing some features we would like to see – there is no battery gauge for example – but the basics are there and that price is most definitely right.

Right out of the box, this bike light presents itself as a comprehensive lighting system. Distinctively, it integrates a compact rear light that can be optionally wired into the battery, offering flexibility to users who might prefer to leave it off at times. This rear light boasts impressive brightness with both solid and flashing modes, though its positioning could be improved for better efficacy.

The Hadron's wireless remote, which controls both front and back lights, earns a nod of approval for its user-friendly design; it easily functions even with bulky winter gloves. Designed with keen attention to detail, the battery is sleek and concave, with rubber bumpers at frame contact points ensuring hassle-free attachment using a velcro strap. The head unit and remote also win points for their effortless rubber band fixtures.

In terms of luminosity its brightness level is satisfactory for off-road riding. McCandlish appreciates the Hadron's softly graded beam pattern devoid of any abrupt lines, though he mentions a central hotspot that diminishes peripheral vision. While the Hadron may lack certain features, such as a battery gauge, it nails the basics, offering commendable value for its price.

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