Tau front and rear lights for bikepacking

Addicted to the Tau - incredibly simple front and rear bike lights

By Kenny Stocker

The Pedal Addict challenges the well-known adage, Strong, light, cheap, pick two with his experience of the Alpkit Tau bike lights.

These are incredibly simple lights. That just work and work very well. Bright enough to illuminate unlit back roads on the highest settings and the pulsing flashing mode is hugely effective at making you seen by other road users.

The Pedal Addict found these lights to blend potency with affordability, all while being incredibly lightweight. Let's look at the key points:

  1. Lightness & Durability: Weighing in at a minuscule 22g each, The Pedal Addict emphasized the convenience of these lights, each housing a USB rechargeable 3.7V 300mAh Li-polymer battery.
  2. Performance: The Pedal Addict notes a 270° beam pattern and the front light's four-hour runtime at 65 lumens. The rear companion offers 20 lumens for three hours, with both having versatile modes suitable for the urban commuter.
  3. Mounting Versatility: Pedal Addict appreciated the rubber band mechanism which allowed him to mount the lights on various parts of the bike, bags, or even helmet.
  4. Resilience: Even after a rigorous year of use, including battling through winter conditions, The Pedal Addict found the batteries to be as reliable as new.
  5. Value Proposition: What stood out most for The Pedal Addict was the unbeatable value of the Tau lights. They delivered a performance parallel to more premium brands, yet at a fraction of the cost.

The Pedal Addict can be found Riding bikes off road since... forever.

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