PipeDream lightweight goosedown sleeping bag in the Press

PipeDream 600: The Perfect Down Sleeping Bag for bikepacking

By Talyn Williams

Mpora take a close look at the Alpkit PipeDream 600 sleeping bag and find we have made the process of deciding which sleeping bag to buy simpler.

Mpora acknowledge down’s naturally superior heat-trapping prowess is undeniable, and the PipeDream 600 exemplifies it! Engineered for those chilly nights, its impressive -12°C sleep limit promises warmth for all but the most Arctic of adventures.

With the PipeDream 600, they’ve created a lightweight sleeping bag that can be used through the autumn and well into winter.

Worried about wetness? Mpora note the DWR coating ensures a splash won't dampen your spirits, and its dark hue absorbs sunlight, allowing for faster drying.

We are pleased that the authors have picked up on the sleeping bags suitability for bikepacking. Here Alpkit's attention to detail shines again, as they've tailored this bag to seamlessly fit their Koala seat bag - a dream combo for bikepacking aficionados. Plus, in an age where ethics matter, the peace of mind knowing the down is sourced responsibly is priceless. Here's to warm, eco-conscious adventures with the PipeDream 600!

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