Off Road cc review PipeDream 600 lightweight goosedown sleeping bag

PipeDream 600 sleeping bag for winter bikepacking

By Kenny Stocker

Matt Page gives a nod to the Alpkit PipeDream 600 for its exceptional winter performance. Designed with a high 750 FP goose down insulation, this sleeping bag guarantees warmth even in the chilliest temperatures, all the while packing snugly into typical bikepacking bags. Surprising Matt, the bag's slim leg area worked wonders against the dreaded cold feet.

I used the PipeDream 600 through a range of autumn and winter temperatures, and every time it impressed.

The down, ethically-sourced and treated with a non-toxic water repellent coating, remained resilient even when damp. Throughout autumn and winter, the PipeDream 600 never faltered, impressing Matt with its breathability and warmth, especially at its comfort limit of -12°C. And while it does come with a price, its value becomes undeniable when compared to pricier alternatives in the market.

Overall, Matt concludes the PipeDream 600 emerges as a must-have winter sleeping bag for every bikepacker.

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