Scotland February 2010

By Nicola Beeby>

I’d had a trip planned in Scotland for several months, but had never been sure what the weather was going to do. So as it approached I checked the weather and typical as ever, each forecast said something different. With this in mind I set off with a car full of toys, bikes, boats and board.

1st off was the area in the peninsula south west of Oban, I’d never been to this area before but it didn’t disappoint, the locals were super friendly, and we even found a new river and some excellent biking.

Cairngorm mountain in all its glory!

The morning we headed over to the Cairngorms it was snowing heavily, this only added to my excitement, as the snow report said awesome snow and blue skies. Again it didn’t disappoint we found a campsite with one ft of snow, the Alpkit Airics and sleeping bag meant I was toasty through the minus 15 nights. We spent a few days boarding in conditions that easily rivalled the Alps, even had my 1st ride down untouched powder!

All to soon it was time to head home, but to finish the trip off we learned to cross country ski! Great entertainment!

Till next time…

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