Let’s face it. No matter how much training we do, we’re not going anywhere without that morning coffee.

MyMokka is an aluminium espresso maker ideal for basecamp, carrying to the crag, and anyone who feels ill-at-ease whenever they’re more than a few minutes away from a proper cup of joe.

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It's quick enough to brew that even Sonder Hero Tom doesn’t get impatient for his coffee, and not so heavy that it weighs your bag down. Plus, it produces thick, espresso-like coffee – what’s not to love?

MyMokka comes in a 3 cup (130ml) capacity, ideal for groups (or for sharing between arabica fiends).

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Key Features

  • Lightweight and durable aluminium body so it doesn't break in your camping box
  • Ideal size for campsite basecamps or carrying to the crag with your stove
  • Sits on top of most camping stoves
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


3 cups / 130ml





Origin: China


The Details

MyMokka in action