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Grepp Handlebar Tape

Reusable and washable woven handlebar tape. 2x 3m rolls
From €27,49
Was €29,99
  • Charcoal [BB]
  • Ultimate Gray [BB]
  • Olivine [BB]
  • Blue Radiance [BB]
  • Picasso Lily [BB]
  • Swedish Blue [BB]
  • Valiant Poppy [BB]
  • Blue Radiance
  • Charcoal
  • Olivine
  • Picasso Lily
  • Swedish Blue
  • Ultimate Gray
  • Valiant Poppy

Fibrax Vee Brake Pad

V-brake style threaded brake blocks
Was €8,99

Fibrax Semi Metallic Disc Brake Pads

All-rounder disc brake pads for SRAM, Shimano, Avid and Hope brakes
Bundle price €14,99

Fibrax Quick Link

Fibrax Quick Change Links are a popular alternative to traditional pins.
Bundle price €3,99

Fibrax Spiral Frame Protectors Black

Spiral frame protectors prevent frame friction and scratching
Was €6,99

Fibrax Road Caliper Brake Blocks

Caliper brake holders and dual compound pads for alloy rims
Was €14,99

Fibrax V Brake 90 Deg Noodle

V brake guide pipe and rubber boot, to protect your inner brake cable.
Bundle price €2,99

Fibrax Tandem Inner Cable

Was €5,99

Fibrax Gear Cable Set

Gear Cable Kit made in the United Kingdom: 2100m inner wire, 1400m outer casing, 2 ferrules and 1 end cap.
Bundle price €3,99

Fibrax Frame Protector O Ring

O Ring Frame Protector
Bundle price €2,99

Fibrax Road Caliper Pad Insert

Suitable for wet and dry conditions, Fibrax Road Caliper Pad inserts offer excellent braking power.
Was €9,99

Fibrax Brake Cable Set

Stainless steel brake cable set, road and MTB options
Bundle price €2,99

Fibrax 6 Bolt Disc Rotor

6 bolt stainless steel disc brake rotor in 160mm and 180mm sizes
Was €22,49