OSS and Alpkit Story competition

OSS and Alpkit Story competition

By Hati Whiteley

Is there a swim you want to do, a multi-sport adventure you want to embark on?

Well, pitch the idea to the Outdoor Swimming Society for the OSS Alpkit Competition: the three winning entries will win a £500 bundle of Alpkit kit to take on their travels and have their story printed in the Outpost magazine.

We love to hear about adventures of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're swimming, hiking, climbing, biking, kayaking... even train surfing - there's nothing better than listening to a wonderfully weaved tale that takes you to far-flung places and local hidden gems without leaving the comfort of your armchair. That's why we're collaborating with the Outdoor Swimming Society in search of tales of your adventures.

Can I enter?

If you fancy going to a nice place, doing a good thing, and telling us all about it when you get home, this is the competition for you.

What kinds of stories?

OSS are looking for stories that will get them inspired to don their wetsuits and take a dip.

  • Well-written, interesting stories that inspire others to go swimming (you need to be able to take good photos too)

  • Multi-sport stories are welcome, be it swim run, swim climb, bike-swim, swim bivvy (or any other combination)

  • New angles – what is it about your adventure that people will find interesting

  • To enter the competition, tell OSS your plan. You don’t need to have been on your adventure yet. But, if chosen, you will need to take your adventure, and file words and pictures about it by the date agreed with the commissioning editor (no later than mid August).

How do I enter?

Enter by 23rd April by filling in the online form on the Outdoor Swimming Society site:outdoorswimmingsociety.com/alpkit

If you're looking for inspiration for you next adventure, we can't think of anywhere better to start than our Daring Deeds page...

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