Alpine 4000'ers

By Col

Introducing Anna Wells.

We love the Alpsand for Anna Wells it will be true Alpine Dreamin' at its best as she heads out this summer on a quest to summit all the 4000m peaks. Having recieved planning help from Simon Jenkins, who completed the first complete traverse of the Alpine 4000ers with Martin Moran, she is positive the goal is acheivable. We're pleased to be supporting Anna, so we'll let her get in with a quick intro.

"My name is Anna, and this summer I am setting off on a massive adventure with my boyfriend Tim. We are going to drive out to the Alps, and spend three months attempting to climb all of the peaks over 4000m, based on the UIAA list of 82.

We are going to start in the North East, with "Piz Bernina" and head South-West towards "Barre des Ecrins", altering our plans as per the weather. We will be returning to the valley between groups of climbs, occasionally using uplifts, and spending the nights either bivvying or in huts.
Both keen climbers, and living in the North of Scotland we are particularly keen on long mountain routes and winter climbing. Last year we had a brilliant week Alpine climbing in Saas Fee, and I instantly became hooked. Moving fast and light over interesting ground, enjoying snow and ice without shivering for hours on belays, rocky ridges, stunning views and even sunshine - what could be better!?

It seems to encompass all the best aspects of different styles of climbing. When we got home we made a list of all the routes we wanted to go back and do this summer, and the list rapidly expanded! After pouring over guidebooks and maps, and contemplating the fact that it was our last 3-month summer holiday as medical students before days-off became more scarce, we decided to go all in, and spend our whole summer in the Alps.

We will be updating our Tim and Anna Climbing blogas we go and posting photos as often as possible.Fingers crossed for a summer full of sunny weather, brilliant conditions and 82 summits!"

Good luck to the pair, we'll be keeping an eye on their progress through the summer too, so keep a check on our News or Facebook and Twitter.

Anna Wells is 23 and currently studying for her degree in Medicine at University of Dundee. She as been a previous winner of Scottish Tooling Series, three Scottish University championships, while also competed in an ice climbing world cup. Tim has a history in international competition orienteering, mountain marathons and hill running.

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