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By Kenny Stocker

Detailed review of the Alpkit Toploader handlebar bag, highlighting its practicality, ease of use, and weatherproofing. Ideal for cyclists who value accessibility and durability. have reviewed our Toploader handlebar bag, a highly functional piece bike luggage designed to attach to your handlebars. It's form factor is celebrated for its optimal size, straightforward accessibility, and durability. Constructed in the UK, it is a top recommendation for any cyclist.

They say

Writing for Steve Williams finds the Toploader bag is perfect for carrying necessities like waterproofs, tools, a phone, a neck tube, and snacks, all without being cumbersome. It’s compact yet offers ample space to be practical for any bike adventure.

At 4L this is just right for stashing anything you might need quickly - a waterproof, tools, phone, a neck tube, snacks. Or all those things at once. It's still small enough to be unobtrusive, though, and doesn't interfere with any hand positions on the bars.

Steve appreciates the Toploaders hardwearing fabrics and is reassured it is made in the UK with a 25 year guarantee, to be robust making it highly dependable for daily use. He also ackonowledges the attention to small details such as the practical zip

the big plastic T-handle on the draw cord is a welcome detail -it makes dragging it open and closed far easier, especially in gloves.

We say

The Toploader handlebar bag combines convenience with reliability, making it one of those choice you can just leave on your bike all-year-round. Made in the UK, crafted with love by riders for riders looking for a durable and accessible gear storage solution for their two-wheeled adventures or commutes.

For more detailed information and to view other gear recommendations, check out the full review by the Steve at

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