Kraft: Best Buy women's walking trousers in the Independent's IndyBest

Kraft: Best Buy women's walking trousers in the Independent's IndyBest

By Kenny Stocker

Liz Dodd of Indy Magazine highlighted the Alpkit Kraft trousers as one of the top women’s walking trousers. She was particularly enamored by their comfort, finding herself wearing them not just for outdoor pursuits but for everyday activities as well.

The kind of trousers you could wear climbing – there’s even a reinforced belt loop for your chalk bag – as well as to the pub garden. Alpkit's stylish and durable cotton trousers are endlessly versatile, built for the mountains but also at home in the city.

Crafted from a delightful blend of organic cotton enhanced with a bit of spandex, these trousers stand out for their softness, durability, and overall comfort. Liz commended the trousers for their woman-centric design, noting their flattering yet flexible cut. Their tapered design ensures they sit just right over hiking boots and also make them suitable for biking.

Practicality is further enhanced with the addition of a subtle zipped pocket for essentials and hip pockets reminiscent of jeans. Highlighting their versatility, Liz mentioned that these trousers are apt for activities like climbing, even featuring a reinforced belt loop for a chalk bag, and are equally stylish for a casual outing to the pub garden.

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