Hiking in rain wearing Nautilus waterproof trousers

Best value waterproof trousers in 2023

By Kenny Stocker

We are thrilled the folk at Live for The Outdoors have rated our Nautilus waterproof trousers as Best Value in their Best Waterproof Trousers in 2023 review.

They've thrown down a challenge - forget the tried and true Gore-Tex, and step into the world of proprietary membranes. We're chuffed they've highlighted our membrane as an excellent alternative to Gore-Tex, offering a 20,000mm HH waterproof rating and an equally impressive breathability rating.

They've nailed our intentions with the Nautilus trousers - maximum reassurance when you’re bracing for biblical levels of rainfall.

Pros: 3-layer construction, Durable, Sustainable

Cons: Slimmer fit isn't the best for layering

Their keen eye for design didn't miss the more tapered lower leg of our Nautilus trousers. We've consciously made them different from the Rab Kangri Gore-Tex Pants, for less flap and a sharper look.

But where we truly appreciate their insight is in acknowledging our commitment to sustainability. The 70D nylon fabric is durable and PFC-free, reflecting our sustainable ethos. Their mention of our certifications - B Corp and Living Wage Foundation, among others - validates our endeavours to be a more sustainable brand.

So, what do we take from Live for The Outdoors' review? A reminder of our strengths and where we can improve. A validation of our commitment to quality and sustainability. A challenge to continue delivering the very best for our customers, while remaining true to our values. All in all, we take it as an encouragement to continue pushing the boundaries in outdoor gear.

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