BikeRadar review the Parallax

BikeRadar review the Parallax waterproof trousers

By Alpkit>

In this review, Alex Evans from Bike Radar undertakes an in-depth review of our Parallax Men’s waterproof trousers.

Evans commends the Parallax for the 2.5-layer fabric construction for its lightweight and breathable nature. His observation of the trousers' suitability for a wide spectrum of outdoor activities accentuates the versatility these trousers bring to the table, appealing to a range of outdoor enthusiasts beyond just mountain bikers.

Evans' praise for the design details of the Parallax trousers is noteworthy. He focuses on their practicality and convenience, appreciating the elasticated waist and pull-cord for easy adjustments, as well as the knee-high zips and adjustable ankle cuffs for effortless wearability. The inclusion of a stash bag is a clever touch that caters to changeable weather conditions, which Evans acknowledges as a thoughtful detail.

In terms of performance, Evans gives credit to the trousers' handling of perspiration, demonstrating how they keep the rider comfortable even during intense uphill climbs. This quality points to their potential as reliable gear for long, demanding rides.

A slight caveat Evans points out is the somewhat baggy fit around the calves, but this could well be a boon for those seeking extra room for movement during their outdoor adventures.

Evans' in-depth review paints a clear picture of Alpkit's Parallax Men’s waterproof trousers as a versatile, thoughtfully-designed pair of outdoor gear.

If you’re after a solid do-it-all pair of light and packable waterproofs that you can use for a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking, then they’re worth considering.

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