Active Traveller review the Koro

Active Traveller rate Koro camping stove as the go-to stove for lightweight trips

By Alpkit

In his Active Traveller review, Andy McCandlish offers an insightful perspective on Alpkit's Koro stove, a piece of gear he views as a notable game-changer in the world of outdoor cooking. He lauds the stove's innovative design and efficiency, presenting compelling evidence that it's the top pick for lightweight trips.

McCandlish has a particular penchant for the remote canister design of gas stoves, commending Alpkit for taking this feature to a whole new level. He praises the Koro stove's lower functioning height and stability as standout features that can prevent dinner-time accidents - a much appreciated enhancement for any outdoor adventurer.

All in all the Koro is a terrific expedition gas stove for many different applications where light weight and the ability to function in the cold is helpful...this has now become our go-to stove for lightweight trips.

A particular strong point McCandlish highlights is the lightweight yet durable titanium construction and the inclusion of a brass pre-heat tube, which he observes ensures effective gas vaporization even under harsh cold conditions. This efficiency, coupled with the stove's undeniable fuel economy, is seen as a significant positive in his eyes.

In terms of performance, McCandlish attests to the stove's impressive capabilities, especially under challenging Scottish weather. Not only does it perform exceptionally in sub-zero conditions, but it also shows great speed in heating, a feature bound to be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts.

The Koro's compact and user-friendly design gets a nod from McCandlish too. He appreciates the thoughtful inclusion of a storage bag and the ease with which the stove can be packed away. The fact that it fits neatly into a standard issue 850ml MSR Titan Kettle only adds to its practicality.

In summary, McCandlish views the Koro stove as an excellent piece of equipment suitable for a variety of outdoor applications, praising it as an incredibly well-built, efficient and user-friendly solution. His upbeat review, brimming with firsthand experiences and useful insights, makes a compelling case for the Koro as the must-have stove for lightweight trips.

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