Aglio e Olio | Yazan's Special Pasta

Aglio e Olio | Yazan's Special Pasta

By Yazan Abbas>

Food tastes better outdoors. Bristol Store Hero Yazan has whipped up a little recipe for us that's easy to make on the trails. And better still, it's real food. This isn't just any pasta. This is Yazan's special pasta.


200g pasta

2tsp of ground coriander

2 thinly sliced garlic cloves

A sprinkle of paprika

Sea salt to taste

5 stalks of broccolini

5 stalks of asparagus

10 sliced mushrooms

Bunch of parsley

5 cherry tomatoes


Boil the pasta with sea salt 8-10 mins.

Generous amount of oil in the pan.

Add the spices + salt+ garlic + a third of the parsley.

Stir until you can smell the garlic and the coriander.

Add the broccoli and asparagus.

Keep stirring and add the mushrooms after 3-5 mins (I like my broccoli crispy and brown).

Once the mushrooms are cooked smash up the tomatoes and add them to the pan.

Add the pasta to the pan + the rest of the parsley + more oil.

Stir for a minute on very low heat and enjoy.

This goes surprisingly well with Cheddar cheese too (shhhh – don’t tell the Italians).

Recipe and questionable use of the word 'broccolini' by Bristol store hero Yazan Abbas.

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