Life on the Broken Road Part 4

Life on the Broken Road Part 4

By Joe Beaumont>

Continuing the journey from Part 3...

For there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so, Billy Waggledagger. I get bit by a pit bull. Today of all days, I ride thousands of miles without any real incident. I set off in the pouring rain to ride along beautiful trails and this happens within the first 20 mins. I don't mean to cuss but *!*? (sorry Joe. ed.) me when you see a beastly pit bull full charge towards you in the bush, that quickens the heart. I'm a dog person and on top of that I lack a panic button. I genuinely thought she's just saying hello.

She did and took some skin with her. I'm annoyed at Franky because she made an awkward dilemma and what I should do for the 'greater good'. Ahh but Franky you shook me out from the persistent thoughts that would have pervaded the day, but today I was woken up by a husky, for the second time in my bivvy life. I cycled through amazing bush, over 100km in challenging conditions. I lost my rain jacket, met a guy who replaced his broken peddle with a nut and bolt from a swing bridge! Today has been a good day..

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