Bikepacking the WRT 2018

Bikepacking the WRT 2018

By Kenny Stocker

The gods looked down on the 10th edition of the Welsh Ride Thing and said “you know what, these guys keep coming back year after year, they ride around in circles for 3 days, through rain and mist, get lost in the woods following trails their hearts are convinced must exist. They wade through streams and get stuck in bogs until they find themselves gravitating towards the sanctuary of a pub - let’s cut them some slack this year and give them some sun.”

Bikepacking event

And the gods were generous. “I’ve been waiting for this for 10 years” said Taylor - he should know, he’s been to every single one of them.

It was 3 days of sunblock, deep green valleys and blue skies. During the night the skies were clear, rewarding those with enough energy to climb out of the valleys to spectacular displays of stars above and wondrous cloud inversions below - banishing those who didn’t make it to a damp and misty slumber.

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