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With polarised lenses that minimise glare, Resolution sunglasses keep your eyes protected and your vision clear in snowy or watery environments where the light can dazzle you. They also float, so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the depths of a lake, the sea, or a big puddle. Category 3 UV protective lenses makes them ideal for anywhere from the vast waters of Loch Lomond to the great Himalayan and Alpine mountain ranges.

Resolution sunglasses have a wraparound frame that fits snugly to your face, maximising your field of vision all the while giving you all-angle protection from the sun’s rays. The flexible nose gripper gives a comfortable and secure fit, whilst the optional strap (included) makes sure they don’t disappear off when you roll your kayak.

Watersports and snowsports can demanding on your kit, so we’ve made Resolution from TR90 - an incredibly hardwearing, flexible, and featherlight thermoplastic - for the ultimate comfort and durability. The polarised polycarbonate lenses have a protective hard coating to help prevent scratches and are ‘drop-ball’ impact-tested for good measure.


Key Features

  • Polarised sunglasses ideal for water and snow sports
  • Polarised lenses minimise glare
  • Floating frame ensures they don’t sink down to the depths of a lake or sea
  • Nose grip and behind-the-head strap ensure they don’t fall off
  • Wraparound curved frame for a snug fit and maximum field of vision
  • Category 3 UV lenses protect from both visible and UV light, suitable for open mountain ranges
  • Made to last, impact tested lenses (drop ball test) with a hard coating to resist scratches
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Frame: TR90 (thermoplastic), floatable Lens: Polycarbonate with scratch resistant coating, category 3 UV protection Polarised lenses


Eye size: 55 mm Bridge: 15 mm Temple size: 140 mm Frame width: 145 mm Weight: 20 g