DMM Chalk Ball
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Sweaty mitts are a climber's worst nightmare; there's nothing worse than nearly finishing a route and finding yourself inexorably sliding off the wall.

The DMM chalk ball dries out clammy hands, improving your grip on the wall. Fitting neatly inside chalk bags, it comes without the mess of loose chalk.

It's for this reason that chalk balls are mandatory at most climbing walls. Just give your chalk ball a friendly squeeze before reaching for the next hold.


Key Features

  • Improves your grip by drying out sweaty hands
  • Chalk balls are mandatory at many climbing walls
  • Stops your chalk from leaking everywhere
  • Fits neatly inside chalk bags
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Pure Magnesium Carbonate - 4MgCO₃ Mg(OH)₂ 4H₂O