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  • Culm & Baggy
    • Culm & Baggy

    Culm & Baggy

    Mark kemball

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    A guide to rock climbs at the Culm Coast and Baggy Point

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      Straddling the Devon and Cornwall north coast boundary, this is the guidebook to the best of the boulder problems in the area. It details the explosion of bouldering including the worlds’ hardest crack problem. Since the first guidebook to the area, there has been a development in lower grade venues and the country’s first E11 – which was quickly downgraded to an E9. The guidebook is accompanied by detailed photo top sand fine action shots.


      Key Features

      • Guide to rock climbs at The Culm Coast and Baggy Point
      • The best of the boulder problems in the area
      • Collated by Mark Kemball – and a cast of thousands
      • 3 Year Alpine Bond

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