BSO Mini Adventurer


Let your mini adventurers rip on the Thornbridge site with a fun range of activities to explore and navigate as a group. They'll work on their balance on the The Low Ropes course, explore the tunnels of the The Molehole with torches, use their sense to navigate the nightline before jumping on the bouldering wall.

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BSO Mini Adventurer BSO Mini Adventurer BSO Mini Adventurer
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What to Expect:

Mini Adventurer is all about letting your kids free to tackle and overcome challenges by themselves. A Thornbridge instructor will be there to encourage and guide them as they progress around the circuit. A parent or guardian must be present but do not need to purchase a ticket. Depending on the weather and the group abilities the exact order and number of activities undertaken may be subject to change.

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What to Bring:

- Clothing you're happy for your kids to get mmucky in. Potentially very mucky!

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Essential Information:

Age: 4-8 (An accompanying adult needs to be present but doesn't need a ticket)
Course Provider: Thornbridge Outdoors
Student / Instructor Ratio: 10:1
Location: Thornbridge Outdoors
Transport: None required
Meeting Times & Logistics:
Please meet at the School of Adventure Meeting Point at least 10 minutes before the course starting time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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