BSO Bikepacking Tarp Workshop


Ever spent hours trying to figure out how to string your tarp up? Maybe you constantly get woken up after it's collapsed on your face? Expert tarpologist Stuart from Bear Bones Bikepacking delves into the world of lightweight shelter and helps simplify the potentially flappy, tangled world of tarps.

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BSO Bikepacking Tarp Workshop BSO Bikepacking Tarp Workshop BSO Bikepacking Tarp Workshop BSO Bikepacking Tarp Workshop
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What to Expect:

Join stuart for a 2 hour session on tarpology for bikepackers. Find out how to use your bike as part of your shelter, different ways to configure your tarp and where the best place for it is when you're packing your bags.

By the end of this session you'll be a tarp pitching pro.

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What to Bring:

- Dress for the weather, you will be outside for the duration of this course
- Water
- All your tarpology conundrums

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Essential Information:

Minimun Age: All ages welcome (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)
Course Provider: Stuart Wright - Bear Bones Bikepacking
Student / Instructor Ratio: 12:1
Location: Thornbridge Outdoors
Transport: None required
Meeting Times & Logistics:
Please meet at the School of Adventure Meeting Point at least 10 minutes before the course starting time to find your guide and ensure a timely start.

Frequently Asked Questions

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